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Full Form Of DIET, What Is Full Form Of DIET ?

The full form of DIET is District Institute for Education and Training. The District Institute for Education and Training are district-level educational institutes which have been established in each district of India by the Indian government. They help in coordinating and implementing government policies at district level. Around 3 million elementary and primary teachers need recurrent orientation to innovations in learning and teaching at the school level. The DIET has been charged with this responsibility. DIETs have been established as centers of guidance for schools and educational institutes of a district.

These DIETs have been established as centres of guidance for educational institutes and schools of the district. It also works as a platform for research and experimental work in education. It also organizes programmes to train teachers for new innovations. Purpose of DIET is to conduct different kinds of trainings programmes to improve the quality of basic and secondary education and to create a desirable environment within the district in regard to enroll more and more children of school going age and pave the way for retention of those who are admitted in the school. It also ensures the high literacy percentage of male and female as whole. In Uttarakhand there are thirteen DIETs Districtwise.

Function of DIET :-
1.   Training (two year diploma) in Elementary Teacher Education under Pre-service as well as in-service training of elementary school teachers, Headmasters, head of school complexes and officers of education deptt., Teachers of learning centers, instructors and supervisors of non-formal & adult education, members of DBE and Village Education Committees (VEC), community leaders, CRC / ZRC heads and resource persons engaged in conducting above mentioned programmes.  
2.   Academic and Resource support to the elementary and adult Education system in the district in other ways e.g. by
·       Extension activities and interaction with the fields,
·       Provision of services of a resource and learning centre for teachers and instructors
· Development of locally relevant materials teaching aids. Evaluation tools etc,
·       Serving as an evaluation centre for Elementary schools and programmes of NFE / AE.

Department of DIET are:-
·       PSTE (Pre-service Teacher Education)
·       IFIC (In-service programmes Field interaction, Innovation and Co-ordination)
·       DRU (District Resource Unit)
·       P&M (Planning and Management)
·       ET (Educational Technology)
·       WE (Work Experience)
·       CMDE (Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation)
·       Administrative Branch